Gia Đình Nestlé


- Gerber tết 2023, NIC Summer 2022, Tet 2022, Vinmart 2021 ...: The event type send bill, user buy in store circle k, vinmart, Family Mart, GS25 ... after that, send it to zalo OA or facebook message, system use OCR to read the bill, detect product, sku, store, price, invoice code. If user send bill valid, will send a gift

- DinhDuongHocDuong: this website is news. Using drupal 8, convert old data from Wordpress. Build basic event : user upload file cooking, voting and get gift.

- CES Zalo: The system is channel support user with 2 platform : web & zalo. Website provide info, Zalo support user by chatbot, auto response message case by case, by action user

- CES FB: The system is channel support user in facebook, it a chatbot auto response message case by case, by action user, like CES ZALO but smarter. Using DialogFlow to detect keyword from message, and response. It make user feel like chat with a human, not machine




- About 4-5 project per year. Receive requirements, evaluate difficulty and execution ability, and advise appropriate solutions.

- Built on demand and seasonal games. The games are mainly for sales support and after-sales support. Like game wheel, read bill by OCR, shake item, run game (like subway), draw game ...

- Building an information website.

- Build chatbot to support sales information via Facebook and Zalo messagener. Email marketing hub with Email, SMS, ZNS.

- Periodic, together with team devops to scan and fix (if exist error) security system by policy Nestle.

- Deploy and operate system (CICD, LEMP, LAMP, Azure).

- Report & price quotation.